The academic wing is the core centre for teaching and learning and completely separated from the administrative centre to word off distractions of any sort . We possess separate beautiful professional centres fully equipped such as science laboratories, Art studio, Basic tech lab, vocational studio, Music studio, ICT lab, and 500 seat hall for academic and social events.

Small Classes

We believe in small classes which enables individual attention and effective teaching and monitoring of students. The maximum number in a class is 20.

Intensive Tuition and Assessment

Our intense teaching methods ensure that students are familiar with all aspects of the syllabus. Using well planned timetables, continuous assessment and home-work, students’ progress is monitored.

Students are tested twice before the end of the term examination. Parents are kept informed with reports on the academic performance and welfare of their children twice a term. Students who score below sixty percent in their cumulative average at the end of any test/exam are placed on academic support programme where they receive more personalized coaching and have to put in extended hours of study. Those who make ninety percent and above are placed on the honours roll for the term.

To enrich learning and stimulate a healthy competitive spirit, students have opportunities to represent the school in National and International Competitions in Mathematics, Science, Spell-it and Essay writing.


Achievements in all its forms enables our students to take pride in that exciting future they go on to create. This can be achieved because:

  • We set and maintain high expectations of academic progress and behaviour.
  • We search for excellence through our qualitative teaching and learning.
  • We develop positive relationships, which promote high esteem and independent thoughts.
  • Our school uses links with industry and additional educational association to enrich classroom learning, all which helps to inspire students to reach their potentials.

    At Tollywood college there is huge richness and variety of extra-curricular activities, trips and clubs to encourage students experience as much as they can through their school years.