Graduation Ceremony, 2023

It has been an unforgettable journey for our graduating students which has prepared them greatly for the future, whatever it may hold. These past six years at Tollywood College have involved some of the most memorable and influential moments of their lives. While we congratulate in advance our graduating students this year we invite you as we celebrate them this […]

Tollywood Family funfair and Award Day, 2023

Tollywood College always has something for everyone to enjoy; it’s like stepping into a kaleidoscope bursting with colors and possibilities. Picture this: students engaging in thrilling outdoor sports tournaments where cheers reverberate through the air, showcasing their remarkable skills and unwavering camaraderie. Meanwhile, budding artists gather in creative havens filled with easels and paintbrushes as they immerse themselves in the […]

Summer Galore

Our school’s summer events are the epitome of excitement and fun! From the moment you step through those wide, welcoming gates, you can feel the exhilaration in the air. The keyword that ignites a fire within every student is “{keyword}.” It represents adventure, exploration, and endless possibilities. As soon as summer break begins, our campus transforms into an enchanting wonderland […]