Tollywood college, commands 21st century state-of-the-art facility with focus on the contemporary learning needs. We have succeeded at delivering quality education with strong capture of the audio-visual technology to make learning fun and effective.The aesthetic serenity of our academic and administrative areas is quite stimulating to awareness and visual appreciation of our students.

Our school’s facilities are some of the best in the area. We have a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a spacious auditorium, and a well-equipped library. Our classrooms are spacious and airy, and our grounds are well-maintained. All of this makes for a pleasant and comfortable learning environment.



Our school ICT Laboratory gives careful consideration to creating an inspiring yet adaptable configuration that will cater for future changes in technology. We provide our students with skill and knowledge required to succeed in the computer-centric world. We have invested heavily in ICT facilities in order to keep pace with the technological requirements of the subjects. Beyond our ICT Laboratory, we operate ICT classrooms which is spacious and uncluttered with efficient interactive boards and projectors.


Biology Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Physics Laboratory

We are committed to making a huge impact in national science development and as a result we have carefully, lavishly, empirically and aesthetically invested in very functional and quality science laboratories-biology, chemistry & physics. We regularly engage our students in different scientific research. This helps students to remember the concepts better. It helps to transfer the experience to other learning situations. Our laboratory facilities provide controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.

Basic Technology Laboratory


We command a cutting-edge basic technology Laboratory is order in develop the technical and soft skill of our students with effort geared towards connecting their education with reality of everyday vocational life. Our students with effort geared towards connecting their education with reality of everyday vocational life. Our basic technology Laboratory addresses the SEVEN vocational trades-plumbing, electrical & electronics, bricklaying, carpentry & general woodwork, metal works & simple mechanics, architectural technical drawing, rubber & plastic technology.

We engage variety of these pre-vocational training in order to arouse the interest of our students and guide their choice of a vocation at the end of secondary school and professionalism later in life; exposing students to career awareness by exploring usable options in the world of work and enabling our students to have an intelligent and understanding of the increasing complexity of technology.


A library is a storehouse of books. It offers a variety of sources to read on the premises or borrow to take home. Library’s collection includes books, manuscripts, journals, magazines and videos, audio, DVD, and various other formats of information.

Here in Tollywood College, we ensure that our learners have robust archives to be able to fall on at anytime, so as to explore and learn from the wealth of experience that have been accumulated by scholars, philosophers, scientists, mentors and the likes both educationally and other spectrum of life.

Libraries are an important part of educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. As such, it contains a wide range of resources that are important to students. Libraries attract students to read new books and novels. They increase your thirst for reading and broaden your knowledge. Libraries are also essential for all types of research on various subjects. Libraries are therefore important for research, information, knowledge and the enjoyment of reading.



The vocational studio is a room of craft and skillset acquisition which affords our students the opportunity of independency and lifelong learning. Amongst numerous skillset, we have the Art room which is fully equipped for creative artwork, with general sized tables, cupboard for storage, easels for canvas work, double sink for prep work and donkeys for students independent artwork exhibition. The room is ideally situated to capture plenty of light and are decorated with display of students work to create bright and inspirational work spaces.


Foods and Nutrition Laboratory
The foodie’s lab helps the students in our school to acquire the time skill at healthy cooking starting at a young age. We believe that children who cook at home indicate a sense of accomplishment, self confidence and feeling of contributing to their families. Teaching, cooking to youth is an opportunity to teach nutrition education such as planning meals and make smarter food choices. Our foodies’ lab is aesthetically designed in such a way that it meets modern requires kitchen student’s standard. It has enough gas cookers to permit for cross setting competition.

It’s heavily decked with all local and modern cooking utensils and other cooking equipment. The tailoring room is well structured room with all sewing machine control, knits, mending buttonholes and accurate stitching, our students are given options of projects like pyjamas, shorts, pants, small dresses pick from.


The music studio is spacious with customised platforms for orchestras and school choir rehearsals. The space is divided into a classroom area and a performance area. It is equipped with internet access and music software for music notation, composition and sequencing.

The extensive music library including CDS, LPS, tapes and music books is a great resource for projects and independent research. Students have access to wide variety of musical instruments including guitars, piano, keyboards, a complete drum set and professional drums including snare drums and bass drums.
The fully professional playback system comprises of a CD player/recorder, LP player and recorder which is utilised during performance and practice. The sound system has two professional mixing consoles with power amplified speakers, monitors and microphones, competitions.


We operate an efficiency health care system. Our medical teams (i.e. nurses and matron) are always on ground who are always in consultation with the school doctor to administer treatment for some minor illnesses and look after students in need of nursing core. Our school health unit is equipped with full medical facilities to administer first aid if need arises.



Students, teaching and non-teaching staff can enjoy local and continental meals from our school Tuckshop. In order to discourage the handling of cash within the school system, our college students do exchange cash for credit cards to make purchases at school Tuckshop. We encourage them to practices the cashless system with the use of credit card in the school.