The Implication of Kindness

It is said that when you do good for somebody, something good will happen to you too. Doing good for somebody without expectation of any favor in return is Kindness. Kindness is a humanitarian act that gives us a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Our elders and ancestors have also taught us to be kind to the people around us.

Even in Christianity Mother Teressa became famous for her different acts of kindness and is respected by all. Everyone respects and appreciates a person who is kind. Thus, spreading and adopting kindness is in our culture and we should preach our children various acts of kindness.

Various acts of Kindness

The various acts of kindness which we can adopt in our day-to-day activities include giving respect to elders. Helping the mother in the kitchen and household works. Treating people with low income such as mali, cobbler, guard with respect. Offering seats to pregnant, elderly and handicapped people while traveling by bus or train.

Some of the times, this also happens that people take advantage of your kindness and can fool you. We should remain aware from such people. There are many such examples. In the newspaper we read a lot of such cases. A woman was robbed when she helped a handicapped man by offering him a glass of water.

An elderly person snatched a gold chain from a girl who offered him a lift. These are the examples that frighten us. But we should remain alert and vigilant and never leave persuading acts of kindness.

I may not be wrong if I say kindness is contagious. Once an act of kindness motivates other people also to do kindness activities. An act of kindness will never go waste and people will always remember how you made them feel.

Can we imagine a world without kindness and humanity? Without kindness, the world would become a lonely place with people being selfish and careless. Nobody wants to see a world like this hence it becomes our responsibility to adopt and preach kindness wherever and whenever possible.

Kindness towards the Environment

Kindness towards the environment and surroundings is also very important. Nowadays we are excessively making the mother earth suffer by polluting it and depleting its resources.

Mankind has already done a lot of exploitation of mother earth and now it’s time to show kindness towards the earth. This we can do by keeping our surroundings clean, use of biodegradable products and planting more numbers of trees.

Kindness is also a means to show your love and affection to someone without words being used. It’s a language of love that is understood by all. Kindness improves our way of living, and it brings people and society together and decreases hatred, negativity, and jealousy in the society.


Kindness is all that our world needs today in the era of excessive competition. We must teach our children to be kind to others. We should also teach the younger generation to avoid judgments and opinions about others.

Also, we shall teach them to criticize less and appreciate more to improve relationships. If we all start adopting kindness acts as our lifestyle, then the world would definitely become a better place to live for future generations.

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