Tollywood Family funfair and Award Day, 2023

Tollywood College always has something for everyone to enjoy; it’s like stepping into a kaleidoscope bursting with colors and possibilities. Picture this: students engaging in thrilling outdoor sports tournaments where cheers reverberate through the air, showcasing their remarkable skills and unwavering camaraderie. Meanwhile, budding artists gather in creative havens filled with easels and paintbrushes as they immerse themselves in the world of imagination and self-expression – their masterpieces coming alive stroke by stroke. For those seeking mental stimulation amidst all this action-packed fun, we offer captivating workshops led by renowned speakers from various fields who share invaluable knowledge that sparks curiosity within us all. Imagine having discussions on cutting-edge technology or exploring uncharted territories through thought-provoking debates – it truly ignites our thirst for learning beyond conventional classrooms!

Our Family Funfair for this year shall showcase activities like:

  1. Singing galore
  2. Music and Dance
  3. Insightful play-lets
  4. Games of different categories like Bouncing Castle, snooker, Ludos, Table Tennis
  5. Rep your club finals

Come one! Come All!!

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