Voice Tollwood 2023

Voice Tollywood is an exhilarating world of singing competitions and its activities is a dazzling symphony of talent, passion, and electric energy; as voices fill the air with soul-stirring melodies, the atmosphere always crackles with excitement and anticipation. Contestants from selected schools with their hearts brimming with passion and dreams, gather under one roof.. Every note sung brings forth a rush of adrenaline that reverberates through the audience’s souls. Singing competitions become fierce battlegrounds where vocal prowess intertwines with raw emotion, creating an explosive mix that ignites hearts and captivates minds. Its always Joy to be at our event Voce Tollywood which comes once each year.

This years event interestingly showcased activities like:

1. Solo Singing Competition

2. Duet Singing Competition

3. Awards

4. And More…

We have a video clip below of this years event, This shall fill you with excitement.. Happy Watching!


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