Why books are better than their movies

In most cases, books are superior to movies. Reading a book might help you visualize the scene or the actions taking place. They are also more thorough than movies, which can skip important facts. Some movies change the characters since they are completely different and the reverse in the novel.

The characters in a book often appear different from how we see them in our minds, and the same is evident in movies. It let us down in a lot of ways. There are books that come with a surprising twist at the conclusion, but the movie never includes it.

Books take their time and are lengthier in length than movies, which typically run two hours. Movies hurry things up so they can get to the finish quickly. Books can be borrowed from a friend or the library if you don’t have access to them or the money to go to the movies.

Books may be read anywhere and at any time online. We get more information and develop our vocabulary when we read books. Character descriptions are significantly more accurate and thorough. Books contain more background information than movies do. This is an important feature that movies lack.

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